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Knowing how to use the tools of your trade where never more critical as now when the entire dental industry is shifting to digital solutions. Do better work and increase your value to your customers and employers and get certified and earn more.

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Managing a highly qualified workforce has never been more critical. You've invested hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in scanners, CAD/CAM sytems and milling machines. Find out how to increase your productivity and quality by emailing us.

For Resellers of Cad/Cam solutions

If you're a reseller of Exocad, iMetric, WorkNC or any other digital dental solution and are looking for a way to increase your revenues by offering more value to your clients email us to find out more about our affiliate program.

You'll learn:

Learn how to properly import scanned files and set up your Exocad workspace for the most efficient workflow.

Learn how to use the wizard to quickly make crowns, bridges and implants.

Learn to step out of the wizard and start using the true power of Exocad to design prosthetic solutions with full customization and make your customers smile.

What's in the Course?

At KedzohDental each course is created and designed by recognized experts. Courses are designed to guide you through each step you'll need to complete a task. Furthermore, course content includes videos, presentations, audio recordings, and pictures - and we always use real patient cases.

And, at each step, you'll have quizzes to help you retain what you've learned. By the end, you'll have the knowledge you need to be more productive and better at what you do.

Who's the course for?

This course is for dental technicians and students that are new to digital dentistry and the Exocad CAD/CAM software solution.

This course is also for those with some experience using Exocad who realize that their initial training was superficial and recognize they need to know the basics in order to become experts.

This course is for all dental technicians that want to earn more money by being certified.

Exocad Level I training

Imetric chairside scanner training certificate
Exocad CAD/CAM training certificate
Exocad CAD/CAM training

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Alwin Ngai

Chief Operating Officer 

Modern Dental Group Ltd.,

Shenzhen (China)

> 2000 Employees

Alwin Ngai

Chief Operating Officer 

Modern Dental Group Ltd.,

Shenzhen, China

2000 Employees


Since the Digital Revolution began in the lab industry, we have used almost every available dental CAD program on the market. What myself and my team love most about exocad is its intuitiveness in the hands of dental technicians, its flexibility when designing complex restorations, and its ability to integrate easily with other open platform solutions.

When we went digital with exocad we had no prior CAD/CAM experience, and got fully up to speed with CAD/CAM in just a few days. exocad for us was, and still is, very straightforward and user friendly.

Since going digital with exocad, we have been able to expand our customer base, and have grown our business exponentially.


Aaron Bald


J&B Dental Studio 

Deforest, Wisconsin USA

10 Employees


Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc. consists of 12 total locations. Throughout, we have 28 total design stations … all exocad. The software is so versatile; intuitive enough for our entry level designers to quickly get to grips with, while powerful enough for our veteran CAD designers and their most complex cases.  

Axel Kufner

Crown & Bridge, Department Manager

Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc.,

Illinois, USA

350 Employees


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Chairside Scanner


Learn how to use the new 2017 Imetric 3D ChairSide System.

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Learn how to use EXOCAD like a true CAD/CAM pro. Work faster. Get better results. Make your customers smile! 

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Learn how to use EXOCAD in expert mode. Explore all the options available to you. Become a master craftsman. Make your customers smile!

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Learn Exocad today

Get Exocad Certified

Earn more

Join the future today and learn digital dentistry.

Learn to use CAD/CAM software, scanners, intra-oral scanners,

 milling machines and 3D printers.

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